Snow, Sand, Gravel and Dirt

Route Details:

Palouse region / 20 mi / 669 ft total climb

This is another short, sweet and relatively flat ride. It’s more pavement than I prefer, but it’s good for rehabbing the knees. Of course there’s no sand. And there won’t be any snow unless you’re riding in the dead of winter. Snow and Sand are two of the roads on the ride. Sand Rd is actually paved, and Snow Rd is a nice stretch of dirt. Pavement, Gravel and Dirt just isn’t as fun a name.

Start by heading south out of Pullman on Johnson Rd toward the WSU Spilllman Farm. Johnson turns to gravel about 4 miles out. After another mile on Johnson take a left Weber Rd and head east. Ride Weber for about 1 mile as it hooks north then hang a right on Snow Rd to continue east. 

The dirt starts immediately on Snow so dodge this ride during the wet season. Ride Snow on some easy rollers through canola fields (they do rotate crops year to year) for 2.75 miles past a fork with Woods Rd to another fork with Busch Rd. Make a left on Busch. About .5 mile on Busch gets you to Sand Rd. Take another left on Sand and ride about 5 miles back to Johnson Rd. A right on Johnson takes you back the way you came to Pullman.