Lynch Spring Loop

Route Details:

Palouse region / 12 miles / 500 ft total climb

This is a fun little gravel loop that’s easy to fit in to a fall evening after work. The climbs are all brief and not too steep. And it gets you a short reprieve from the typical wheat field scenery of the Palouse and into some piney woodlands. You can ride out from Pullman (I like taking Brayton Rd because it means more gravel), or you can load the bikes up and drive. If you drive, park your vehicle on W 3rd St in Albion at the old school building. 

From there, head southeast on W 3rd St for a few blocks until you reach Main St. Turn left on Main. Main will become the old Palouse Albion Rd after a few miles when it turns to gravel. Continue on Palouse Albion Rd for about 2.5 miles until you come to a Y. Take a left onto Collins Rd and look for another left onto Shawnee Rd in less than a hundred feet.

On Shawnee Rd you’ll ride by the Rose Creek Nature Preserve on your right. This is where you’ll start to notice the scenery change. The nature preserve is full of a variety of deciduous trees, and pines spring up on both sides of the road. After a mile or so on Shawnee, you’ll hang a right onto McIntosh Rd.

McIntosh Rd is a sweet little stretch where the pines are most fragrant. You’ll spin by a some old farm land rimmed with pine trees in a little canyon formed by Fourmile Creek. McIntosh terminates at Parvin Rd where you’ll hang a right. On the opposite side of Parvin you’ll see Lynch Spring. It’s this strange little concrete basin with a pipe that streams a constant trickle of water. I think it’s functioning as a koi pond because the last time I was there I saw a few gold fish in it.

On Parvin you’ll ride by some old farm houses, including an interesting brick house with an old defunct fountain and a private pond. After a couple miles you’ll see Collins Rd on your right. You’ll take that. It starts with probably the toughest climb of the whole loop. Be prepared to down shift. But don’t worry, it’s not too bad. And after the climb you’ve got a nice long descent. Collins brings you back to Palouse Albion Rd and you just follow that back to Albion the way you came.