Little Dunning Diamond

Route Details:

Palouse region / 21 mi / 775 ft total climb

If you want something short and relatively flat, do I have the ride for you! This ride starts just like Ewartsville Lasso. Head south out of Pullman on S Grand Ave towards Hwy 195 and Lewiston. Immediately after the intersection with 195, turn right on Country Club Rd. This time ride Country Club on past Flat Rd. Eventually Country Club turns to dirt. I lucked out. Even with the recent rains it was dry enough to ride. However, it was pretty well rutted by all the water this season.

Ride Country Club to where it terminates at M Hatley Rd and hang a left. M Hatley puts you back on gravel. Ride it about 2 miles to its end, and make a right on Dunning Rd. Ride the full extent of Dunning (all 2 miles) to Little Rd and make a left.

Little brings you to Hwy 195. Take a left for a quick jog north on the shoulder of 195 to Staley Rd and hang a right. Ride Staley about 3.5 miles to Johnson Ave and make a left to head north and back to Pullman.

I’m nursing a sore IT band and this ride was ideal. Short and sweet, and about as flat as you can hope for on the Palouse. I don’t care if you don’t think the route looks like a diamond shape on the map. Use your imagination.