Kamiak Out and Back

Route Details:

Palouse region / 38 mi / 2359 ft total climb

Head out of Pullman on Brayton Rd. Take a left on Pullman Albion Rd toward Albion. Ride Pullman Albion all the way through Albion and take a left onto S G St/Albion Parvin Rd and head out of town along the South Fork Palouse River just like the start of Shawnee Shorty

Ride north on Albion Parvin about 5 miles to Parvin Rd, hang a right and head east. Parvin takes you to the western foot of Kamiak Butte. After about 3 miles on Parvin you come to a T and take a left to head north on Abbott Rd. Ride Abbott for about another 3 miles and stay right until you reach Marvin Wells Rd. Take a right on Marvin Wells. 

Marvin Wells is a pretty good climb up a little of the northwest side of the butte. There are some 18-20% pitches. I wasn’t feeling it and walked the steepest parts (no shame). Ride Marvin Wells/S Palouse River Rd about 1.5 miles, past a farm house and out building, and the road turns to dirt. It’s a lively little rolling dirt descent (with ruts and washouts depending on time of year) to Fugate Rd. Hang a left on Fugate, and ride another 2.5 miles where it becomes Marvin Wells Rd. Reads like a bit of a spiraling loop of insanity, but it’s pretty simple (road names are confusing). Ride this fresh stretch of Marvin Wells back to Abbott Rd and head back the way you came to Pullman.