Five Butte Loop

Route Details:

Palouse region / 38 mi / 2776 ft total climb

Head north out of Pullman on the Grand Avenue Greenway—the multi-use path that parallels Grand Ave/Hwy 27—toward Palouse. Ride the Greenway out past Terreview road to where it ends, and keep riding; straight ahead there’s a little goat path that drops down to Kitzmiller Rd. Ride Kitzmiller north to Whelan Rd and hang a right.

Ride Whelan about 6.3 miles to where it ends at Estes Rd. Take a left on Estes, and ride .75 mile to Trestle Rd and hang a right. There’s a good little pitch up Trestle so carry as much speed as you can through the turn. Ride Trestle about 2.4 miles to Hwy 95 just outside of Viola. Take a left on 95 and head north into Viola. You’re only on the highway for about .33 mile (but you’re on pavement for a few miles more) then take the first right onto Viola Rd into downtown Viola. Take a left on Main St/Rothfork Rd and ride north parallel to Hwy 95.

Main will take you through sleepy little downtown Viola. There’s not much more than a post office. Main terminates at Fourmile Rd. Hang a right. Ride Fourmile about .5 mile to Chaney Rd and make a left. Chaney is paved for about the first 1.5 miles. As soon as Chaney turns to gravel you start a solid climb, about 500 ft over the next mile with a pitch or two at 16%. At the top there are some nice views to the west, out over the Palouse toward four of the five buttes: Parker, Angel, Randall and Ringo.

It’s a fast descent down the other side of the hill. At the bottom there’s a fork in the road. Stay right to keep on Chaney Rd and ride about another .75 mile to where Chaney ends at Hwy 95. Take a left on 95, ride about 400 ft and make a right on Cove Rd. Ride Cove for about 3.85 miles and hang a left on Mckenzie Rd. Mckenzie offers the first taste of dirt for the ride. Stay on Mckenzie for about 2.5 miles to where it crosses Palouse Cove Rd, at the foot of Angel Butte.

On the other side of Palouse Cove, it’s technically Mader Rd. Ride Mader about .5 mile to a fork in the road, and hold left to stay on Mader. Ride another 1000 feet down Mader and make a left on Lawson Rd. Lawson’s all picturesque dirt road winding through wheat fields and rolling hills.

About .5 mile down Lawson there’s an unmarked fork. Hold left to stay on Lawson. After another 2.5 miles you hit a little junction of roads. Make a left on Viola Rd, and after 700 feet take a right on Beeson Cutoff. Ride Beeson for 1.5 miles and make a left onto Estes Rd. After .33 mile on Estes, take a right on McGreevy Rd for the last taste of dirt on the ride. About .5 miles down McGreevy, keep left at the fork. Ride another 3 miles to where McGreevy hooks back up to Whelan Rd and ride right back down Whelan the way you came to Pullman.