Ewartsville Lasso

Route Details:

Palouse region / 27 mi / 1450 ft total climb

Head south out of Pullman on S Grand Ave towards Lewiston. It’s a slight but steady climb all the way out of town. About 2 miles out of town, just past the junction with Hwy 195 North, hang a right on Country Club Rd and head west. The slight climb continues. A few hundred feet down Country Club you find gravel. Another 2 miles down Country Club, past what I can only assume is the WSU Swine Center, take another right on Flat Rd.

Ride Flat for about 1.5 miles to where it terminates at Wawawai-Pullman Rd, make a left, and head south. After about 1.3 miles make a right onto Klemgard Rd. Just 1000 feet down Klemgard, take a right on Ewartsville Rd directly at the grain silos on the right. Ewartsville follows the edge of a little valley formed around Union Flat Creek. Maybe a little less than 2 miles down Ewartsville hang a left on Kamerrer Rd just after the old Ewartsville grange building on the right. It’s a steep little pitch up Kamerrer, so any speed you can keep through the turn is a boon.

Kamerrer affords some nice little glimpses down Almota Creek canyon towards the Snake River. Ride Kamerrer as it hooks north (there’s a branch of Kamerrer that splits south, but it’s dirt; leave that for drier days) for about 4.5 miles where it terminates at State Route 194. Take a right on 194 and ride about .5 mile to Union Center. Then hang a right to stay on 194 and ride about 1 mile until you see some more big grain silos on the right and make a right back onto Ewartsville Rd. Ride Ewartsville back to the grange building to complete your lasso. Then retrace your steps and ride right back the way you came to Pullman.