Devils Slide Ride

Route Details:

Palouse region / 33 mi / 2300 ft total climb

I don’t actually know what Devil’s Slide is, or if that’s the official name for anything. But the name was intriguing enough to inspire an exploratory ride. All I found was an overgrown four wheel track down the edge of an arroyo with no trespassing signs posted. Maybe it’s part of someone’s grazing land that used to see a bit more farm activity. In any case, it’s not a viable route down to the Snake River as it appeared on the map. It’s still a loop worth riding (for the views, if nothing else).

Head out of Pullman on Brayton Rd past the waste water plant. About 2 miles down Brayton hang a left on Armstrong Rd to head west across the South Fork Palouse River and past the Junk Castle to Hwy 195. Hang a right on 195 and jog up a few hundred feet to Enman-Kincaid Rd on the left. Enman-Kincaid is dirt for the first mile or so, so steer clear of this route in the wet season. 

Ride Enman-Kincaid about 5 miles to where it terminates at Hamilton Hill Rd and hang a right to head north. Ride Hamilton Hill for about 0.33 mile then take a left on Evans Rd to continue west. Stay right on Evans Rd to climb up and out of the little valley around Union Flat Creek. Ride Evans for just over 2 miles then hang a left on Hwy 194. About 600 ft south down 194, make a right on Benedict Rd (the sign calls it Moys Rd).

Ride Benedict/Moys for about 1.5 miles to a fork with Jenkins Rd. Stay left at the fork to continue on Benedict and head out to the edge of the Snake River canyon. The map marker puts Devil’s Slide at about 2 miles from the fork with Jenkins. This is also about where Benedict turns from gravel to dirt. There are some excellent views down creek beds and ridges to the Snake as Benedict Rd skirts the rim of the canyon. About 2 miles farther, Benedict terminates at Halpin Rd. Take a right on Halpin. 

About 1.75 miles down Halpin, hang a right on Kamerer Rd to head south. From here the route will look very familiar, if you’ve ridden Ewartsville Lasso. Ride Kamerer for a little over 3 miles (don’t forget to look back and down Almota Creek for your last glimpses of the Snake River) to Ewartsville Rd and make a right. Ride Ewartsville for just under 2 miles. Hang a left on Klemgard Rd and ride about 1000 ft to Wawawai-Pullman Rd and make another left. Ride Wawawai-Pullman about 1.4 miles to Flat Rd and make a right. Ride Flat about 1.5 miles to Country Club Rd and hang a left. After about 2 miles, Country Club terminates at Hwy 195. Hang a right to head north on 195 all the way back into Pullman.