Armstrong Dirt Combo

Route Details:

Palouse region / 20 miles / 1700 ft total climb

If you’re in Pullman (or parking in Pullman), you can head out NW Park St which turns into NW Guy St and runs by Pullman Wastewater Treatment before it becomes Brayton Rd when it turns to gravel. Alternatively, you can park in the neighborhood on Military Hill (the neighborhoods near Conservation Park in particular) and ride down through Conservation Park to NW Guy St, almost skip the wastewater treatment plant, and head out on Brayton Rd that-a-way.

On Brayton Rd there are a few decent hills on your way to Armstrong Rd, so be prepared to use your climbing gears. Take a right on Armstrong Rd and ride it out to Hwy 195. Cross 195 to Enman-Kincaid. It’ll be a little to the right looking across the highway.

Enman-Kincaid is dirt for good stretch (the first dirt for this loop). After a mile or so you’ll climb up to a cell tower, and if you look back, there’s a pretty good view of Moscow Mountain in the distance over the rolling wheat. After that Enman-Kincaid turns back to gravel and you’ll roll on it for another couple of miles. Then take a right on Babbit Rd (Joe Babbit on Google, and Glunk on Strava).

Here you’ll see some more dirt. Babbit takes you back to 195. You hang a left on the highway and ride the shoulder just a few hundred feet or so to Old Albion Rd. This drops you down on Albion Rd just west of Albion. Take a right on Albion Rd and head on into to town. You’ll come to a stop sign in Albion; hang a right. Left on Main St; it’s a block or two down. From Main you’ll take a right just before it turns to gravel onto Bidel Rd (Patterson on Google).

Bidel/Patterson offers another good stretch of dirt. You’ll stay on it for about 3 miles to where it terminates at Banner Rd. You’ll take a right on Banner and follow it about a mile to Pullman Albion Rd. You’re on the shoulder of Pullman Albion for almost 2 miles before you hit the stop sign at Palouse Hwy.

From here you have two options: you can ride the shoulder of the highway back into Pullman, or (my preferred route) you can cross the highway and take the immediate right onto Kitzmiller Rd. Ride Kitzmiller until it takes a sharp bend. Off the shoulder, just before it crosses the railroad tracks, there’s a little trail (right now it’s covered in wood chips) that shoots up the hill next to the highway. This trail reconnects to the Grand Ave Greenway path. And you can ride that back into Pullman. Pick your poison. If you parked on Military Hill, you’re going to finish the ride with a paved climb.