I’m attempting to create a supremely exhaustive (read: exhausted), hardly comprehensive guide to the routes and rocks, the trails and travails–the more meaningless alliteration–of gravel grinding bike rides for all time! 


I just want a straightforward resource, a catalog of my own rides for my own ends. This isn’t a race blog. This is gravel grinding for the everyday (mostly in and around the Palouse region of Washington and Idaho). I’m hoping it might boost my motivation to ride more, and keep track of my rides. And maybe someone else will find it useful too.

Here’s where the guide comes in. I’ll create detailed route descriptions, post photos, and upload maps in order to categorize, catalog, compile or even just remember my rides, so I can easily find a ride to fit my variable wants and needs. And I’m going to share that information and experience with the world-at-large (with some thoughts about the gear that I use and a few detours sprinkled in for good measure) for the greater gravel grinding good. Serendipity-do-da-day!

And who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell.


-Gravel Guy