A Word on the Palouse

The Palouse, particularly around Pullman, is one of those gems: you don’t have to travel far for a gravel bike ride. In fact, there are probably as many gravel roads as there are paved. Using Pullman as a hub (which is easy, if you’re bound to the university here as I am), you can access hundreds of miles of gravel without even climbing into your car. There’s a variety of terrain: rolling hills, pine forests, buttes, ridges, close proximity to the Lewis and Clark Valley and Hell’s Gate State Park, not too distant proximity to the Rockies. There are also a number of nearby rail-to-trail systems (some paved, some not) that are easy to access. Any flavor of bike ride you desire is right out your back door, or at most a day trip away.

So if you’re here in Pullman, I welcome you to explore! If you’re afar, I recommend a visit.